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Favite focus on delivering RFID applications to improve living quality more convenience and safety than before. We have developed various RFID products such as tags, label, UHF reader, handheld reader and high efficient production equipments.

With annual production capacity up to 300 million pcs, Favite RFID specializes in the cost-effective, high-volume production of Cu and Al antennas with each main RFID IC chips. Favite produces not only standard products but also customized service to meet the different applications.

For RFID reader products, Favite launched EPC Class 1 Gen 2 compliant UHF RFID Reader Module embedded with Intel R1000 reader chipset (now is acquired by Impinj) in order to cut down the investment cost for UHF RFID applications. In addition, our fixed readers and handheld reader built on the Impinj R2000 reader chipset to provide the customer high performance and fair cost to purchase.

During years of RFID development experience, Favite has many competitive product lines to recommend the customer one stop shopping and total solution. Moreover, we cooperate with other RFID industries to enhance this technique become more mature and popular