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Favite Launches Battery Free RFID Remote Controller

Sep 26, 2008, Hsinchu, Taiwan - After launching its UHF RFID tag IC with largest memory size in the current market, Favite announced a new innovative RFID application - Battery Free Remote Controller based on RFID technology.


The Favite’s RFID remote controller is green product featured with universal, wide angle, low power consumption, non line of sight transmission.  All consumer electronics can be operated by one controller, tailoring its operations to the user’s preferences stored locally. In addition, the remote controller leaves more rooms for compactly fashionable design with lightweight appearance and superiorly uncompromised performance.


The RF remote controller with signal transmission of omni directional radio frequency has catch the eyes of public in recent years, and most high-end consumer electronics adopted such technology tremendously. The Sony Bravia series LCD TV has equipped with RF remote controller which is compliant to ZigBee Standard (IEEE802.15.4) and operates at radio frequency band of 2.4GHz. Wii and PS3 are also adopted RF remote controller which is compliant to Bluetooth with the radio frequency band at 2.4GHz as well.  However, current RF remote controller technology still consumes much power comparing with RFID technology, and it is impossible for current RF remote controller to be designed without battery.


For long period of time, traditional home appliances such as TV sets, DVD players and Audio devices are all equipped with infrared ray remote controller. According to statistic, the wasted batteries used by the IR remote controllers have caused heavy damage to our environment for its striking amount that reaches to 1 billion batteries annually. By cultivating the remote controller market with RFID one to replace infrared ray one, it is slate to reduce pollution, and to save energy and resources of earth.


Favite has developed the RFID chip for remote controller and the controller module for consumer electronics, and it will demonstrate this product on 2008 Int’l RFID Application Exhibition which is held in Taipei, Taiwan from Oct 7, 2008 to Oct 11, 2008.  This remote controller IC operates at UHF frequency band of 433MHz,  being equipped with 4K bit EEPROM, featuring with decode ability up to 256 keypads and connectivity up to 3 consumer electronic devices concurrently.  In addition, Favite has cooperated with some worldwide major suppliers of LCD TV to integrate the RFID remote controller module into their product lines. The versatile RFID remote controller is positive to be exposed to the world in the near future.


About Favite

With more than 200 employees, Favite is a listed company in Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE: 3535).  Favite has positioned itself as the most professional manufacturer of RFID antenna, inlay and tag in the world. It has equipped with roll-to-roll mass production facilities for plated antenna, inlay with flip chip bonding, and high-speed tag converting with annual production capacity of 600 million pcs.  For more information, including latest product and technology news, visit