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Favite Launches EPC Gen2 Reader Module

Sep 5, 2008, Hsinchu, Taiwan - Favite, a professional RFID antenna/Inlay/tag OEM/ODM manufacturer in Taiwan, introduced the UHF RFID reader module that supports all modes and data rates of the EPCglobal Class 1 Gen2 standard. The FS-GM201 reader module adopted Intel R1000 RFID reader chipset (now is acquired Impinj) by that delivers high performance with significantly low cost.


The cost of UHF RFID tag has slumped dramatically ever since UHF RFID solution was intensively applied in supply chain, whereas the UHF reader remains much more expensive than HF reader when UHF RFID tag is actually cheaper than HF one. It is one of the main reason that the market of UHF RFID solution is doom to be restrained by the uncompetitive price of UHF RFID reader.


Due to long distance application with multi-tags or multi-readers simultaneously read/write requirement, traditional UHF RFID readers tend to be large, complex, and expensive, with high power requirements and hundreds of discrete components. The Intel R1000 reader chipset significantly changes this module by integrating most of the reader’s components onto a single 8mm x 8mm chip with advanced features such as Dense Reader Mode. This reduces design complexity and costs, which enable manufacturers to develop smaller, innovative readers under US$ 500.


In addition to FS-GM201 reader module, Favite also has product development roadmap for fixed reader and hand-held reader designed with R1000. With its competitive cost of UHF RFID reader, it will enable system integrators now to have a reliable and low-cost source for the RFID reader, and system integrators could concentrate their efforts in RFID applications everywhere and drive the market forward rapidly.


About Favite


With more than 200 employees, Favite is a listed company in Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE: 3535).  Favite has positioned itself as the most professional manufacturer of RFID antenna, inlay and tag in the world.  It has equipped with roll-to-roll mass production facilities for plated antenna, inlay with flip chip bonding, and high-speed tag converting with annual production capacity of 600 million pcs.  For more information, including latest product and technology news, visit or email: