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Favite unveils EPC Gen2 tag IC with 128K EEPROM

Aug 21, 2008, Hsinchu, Taiwan - Favite, a professional RFID antenna/Inlay/tag OEM/ODM manufacturer in Taiwan, today announced its new UHF RFID tag IC,FAVTAG - UHF1, is compliant to EPC Class 1 Gen2 V1.2.0 new standard, and offers up to 128K bits EEPROM which is the largest memory size and the most competitive in the market currently. The sample chip now is under the test in Favite laboratory and will offer to the clients and partners early of next year.


Made by 0.18 um logic CMOS-based process which is the most cost-effective for current 8” wafer fabrication, and FAVTAG - UHF1 is characterized by enhanced performance and powerful functionality, including operating at global frequency 860-960MHz, supporting very fast write/read speed, 100,000 write cycle and 10 years data retention.  Regarding the Authentication feature, the FAVTAG - UHF1 is pre-encoded with a 64 bits unique identification number (UID) that comes standard. By reading a tag’s UID and associating it with the EPCIS, or with any other tag data encoded to the chip, users can authenticate the tag as it moves through a supply chain.


With memory size up to 128K bits, the FAVTAG - UHF1 mainly targets to large -memory-size RFID applications, such as temperature and moisture-sensor data storing with a tag periodically during transportation of perishable products, pharmaceuticals, biological samples such as blood, tissue and plasma, and fresh produce.  For application of baggage handling in airport, the RFID tag needs to be equipped with at least 1K bits memory to store baggage handling process information.  In addition, IATA’s (the International Air Transport Association) RP1740c standard requested that the tag can be read with the conveyor speed of 3.6 m/s (11.8 ft/s) during baggage transportation. FAVTAG - UHF1 is the first tag IC which meets these requirements.   


FAVTAG - UHF1 is delivered with package of back grinded and Au-bumped die on blue tape. In addition, by leveraging its OEM/ODM service ability for antenna/inlay/tag, Favite also provides package of dry inlay or wet inlay for system integrators to convert it to various of tag form. 



About Favite


With more than 200 employees, Favite is a listed company in Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE: 3535).  Favite has positioned itself as the most professional manufacturer of RFID antenna, inlay and tag in the world.  It has equipped with roll-to-roll mass production facilities for plated antenna, inlay with flip chip bonding, and high-speed tag converting with annual production capacity of 600 million pcs.  For more information, including latest product and technology news, visit or email: