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Favite Launches OEM/ODM Service for RFID Antenna/Inlay/Tag

Aug 4, 2008, Hsinchu, Taiwan – Favite Inc., a professional manufacturer of RFID tag in Taiwan, announced the establishment of the production line for RFID antenna, inlay and tag, with annual production capacity up to 600 million pcs. It could also offer OEM/ODM service for RFID requirement.  

The mass production line of Favite includes manufacturing facilities for copper-plated antenna, inlay with flip-chip bonding technology, and high-speed tag converting. For RFID antenna processing, it has equipped with patented roll-to-roll additive antenna production facilities with max web width of 650mm. By plating with 5um-thickness copper on the antenna pattern which was screen-printed with conductive ink on PET substrate, the RFID antenna has formed. The performance of this copper-plated antenna is nearly the same with that of copper-etched one but with 50% lower cost. There is no doubt that copper-plated antenna production process is the best option for UHF RFID antenna solution in order to meet the high-performance and low-cost manufacturing goal, and Favite is the first company to setup the mass production line with copper-plated antenna process in the world.  

For RFID inlay production, Favite adopted the highest yield-rate inlay production process. By dispensing the anisotropic conductive paste (ACP) on the bonding area of RFID antenna, attaching the RFID chip with flip-chip bonding facilities, heat-curing the ACP up to 10 seconds, the dry inlay product has produced.  In addition, Favite has equipped with bielomatik tag converting facilities, with 90 meter per minute tag production speed and is the highest speed converting equipment in the world currently, it can offer RFID tag converting service with different tag forms such as 2”x4”/4”x4”/6”x4” label, paper-based ISO card, event ticket and airline baggage tag.   

NXP UCODE, due to its high performance, large memory, small die size and lower cost, is the main option for Favite in terms of RFID chip at this moment. Favite has already provided many antenna designs for UCODE in different applications, such as the far-field antenna (with read range of 7-10M) and mid-range antenna (2-4M) which exhibits exceptional performance for case/carton tagging with dipole antenna design. In addition, the far-field omni directional antenna (7-10M) with dual-dipole antenna design is ideal for pallet tracking. For other RFID chips such as Impinj, TI, Alien and etc., Favite can also offer OEM/ODM service, by adjusting or remodeling the antenna to increase its signal sensitivity and read range to meet specific application environment.  

“The main obstacle in RFID industry is the high cost of tag,” said Mr. Mark Tseng, Vice President of Favite. “The user could neither afford the RFID high-amount investment nor to find out a good Return on Investment.” Therefore, the low cost RFID tag is the most important threshold for mass adoption of RFID world. The 5 cent price target for Wal-Mart’s mandate was considered as an endeavor in industry, such challenge is also the foundation for RFID applications to begin ramping up sharply. To fulfill the great demands of low-cost tags is the main objective of Favite to be devoted as a professional RFID tag manufacturer. 

Favite positions itself as a role of strongest supporter for the RFID system integrators around the world. With its competitive manufacturing cost of RFID antenna, inlay and tag, it will enable system integrators now to have a reliable and low-cost source for the RFID tags, and system integrators could concentrate their efforts in RFID applications everywhere and drive the market forward rapidly.  

About Favite

With more than 200 employees, Favite is a listed company in Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE: 3535).  Favite has positioned itself as the most professional manufacturer of RFID antenna, inlay and tag in the world.  It has equipped with roll-to-roll mass production facilities for plated antenna, inlay with flip chip bonding, and high-speed tag converting with annual production capacity of 600 million pcs.  For more information, including latest product and technology news, visit or email: