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Favite Launches EPC C1 Gen2 compliant 8-Port RFID Reader with Impinj R2000 Reader chipset

Favite announces it has successfully developed 8-Port Smart RFID Reader based on the Impinj R2000 Reader chipset, and the innovation of this powerful product positions Favite as one of the leading edge UHF RFID reader manufactures in the world.  Favite’s newest Smart RFID Reader FS-GF801 fully applies Taiwan’s strength of its Information Technology and its low cost structure, and it is the most powerful smart RFID reader and most competitive in the market. This smart RFID Reader is equipped with Intel ATOM N270 CPU, and memory size of 1 GB DRAM and 4GB Flash Memory.  With its powerful CPU and large memory , FS-GF801 is capable of running complex RFID application programs itself without the requirement of additional control computer.


FS-GF801 Smart RFID Reader is designed based on Impinj’s newest R2000 Reader chipset, which is compliant with EPCglobal C1 Gen2 standard and supports dense reader mode.  Favite indicated that the performance of FS-GF801 is much better than other RFID Readers in the market which is designed based on R1000, because the sensitivity of R2000 is better than that of R1000 with 12dbm which increases more than 40% longer read range.  This powerful Reader is suitable for the RFID applications with requirement of long read range.


Favite’s smart RFID reader FS-GF801 is equipped with 8 antenna ports, which supports 8 Mono-Static reader antennas with 8 reading points, or 4 pairs of Bi-Static reader antennas with 4 reading points.  In addition, FS-GF801 provides 16 GPIO ports with 8 digital input for IR sensor trigger and 8 digital output for LED signal tower, and it meets the most requirement in the real environment of RFID applications.


By launching this 8-port Smart RFID reader which fully utilizes the strength of Taiwan Information Technology and the premium power of R2000, Favite has become one of the most successful manufacturers in the RFID industry. In order to let RFID system integrators in the world to experience this powerful Smart Reader, Favite announced a special promotion program which allows every system integrator to get a testing sample with 50% off the list price.


About Favite

Founded on 2000, Favite has positioned itself as the best UHF RFID hardware partner for worldwide system integrators with good performance and competitive price.  In addition to the UHF RFID Reader products, Favite has established a mass production line of RFID Tag products, including plated antenna, inlay with flip-chip bonding, and various of labels or cards with annual production capacity of 600 million pcs. For more information, including latest product and technology news, visit