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Screen Printing is the first process of antenna production, Favite produces RFID antenna by scree printing conductive ink on PET substrate and then deposit 5-um Cu metal onto the conductive layer by Electro Plating. Favite can also offer pure Ag-ink printing manufacturing service for specific RFID antenna requirement.

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Alignment Mechanism Unloading
To cover ink on Screen Printing Mechanism
Type: Roll-to-Roll
Inner diameter of reel: 76.2mm (3”)
Outer diameter of reel: Max 600mm
Reel weight: 250Kg per shaft
Substrate: PET 50um
Web Width: 650mm
Printing Speed: 6M/Min, or 85,000 UPH (4”x1” Antenna)
Products: Ag-Ink Antenna, or Antenna Pattern with Conductive Ink for the following Plating Production Process