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Innovation and Dedication

Innovation is always Favite's motive to grow up in high-tech industry. With the advanced ability of research and development, Favite has dedicated to break through technology barrier to develop new products in lots of fields for years. In 2009, Favite was the first company to launch an 8-Port Smart RFID Reader based on Impinj R2000 Reader chipset, which is compliant with EPC C1 Gen2 standard and supports dense reader mode. Favite will be a technical leader again in launching a smallest Handheld Reader based on Impinj R2000 Reader chipset with 7 meters read range in March, 2010.

In addition, Favite has successfully developed a new patent high-quality RFID tag antenna copper-plated production process which can replace the cu-etching production process and cut the tag antenna cost dramatically. In order to reduce the cost of manufacturing tag antenna further, Favite starts to use the advantage of its own R & D technology to design and manufacture IC bonding machine. Favite's tag antenna will be much cheaper than other company's under the advantage of production cost.

In RFID application fields, more and more applications need to use large-memory-size Tag IC to store more data. Favite has developed UHF RFID Tag IC with 64K / 128K bits EEPROM. Favite RFID Tag IC has the same die size with other companies' UHF Tag IC but many times of memory size compared with other companies'. Favite RFID Tag IC will be widely use in many application fields instead of other tag IC. Based on the mission of innovation and dedication, Favite will keep devoting to develop the innovative and competitive RFID products for satisfying customers in the future. .