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Favite has equipped with patented roll-to-roll additive antenna mass production and high speedy features which is the future manufacture goal for the industries. In order to satisfy the customer, we provide Cu-etching and Aluminum-etching antennas with very competitive cost structure, customization design and OEM&ODM service. Our monthly production capacity for RFID antenna is 65K sq Meter, or equivalent to 25 million pcs of 4”x1” antenna.

Favite has complete assembly line to offer wafer based RFID Flip Chip Bonding service, suitable to Antenna Bonding & Strap Bonding for 8” wafer with limitation of minimum die size of 0.3mm x 0.3mm, which meets the bonding service to all known EPC Gen 2 RFID Chip at this stage.

With its converting equipments, Favite can do wetinlay and different sizes of Label (4”x1”, 4”x2” , 4”x4” , 4”x6” ), Event Ticket, ISO Card, airline baggage tag. The production speed of Favite RFID converting equipment is up to 30M per minute. In addition, Favite has a professional team from design, development and production with serious quality control to offer the best service and specific requirements.