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Favite offers inlay production service based on Flip Chip Bonding process, which is the highest yield-rate inlay production process.  By dispensing the anisotropic conductive paste (ACP) on the bonding area of RFID antenna, attaching the RFID chip with flip-chip bonding head, heat-curing the ACP up to 10 seconds, the dry inlay products are produced.

Loading Dispensing Head Curing
Wafer Holder Bonding Head
Full View from unloading side Full View from loading side

Tag converting process is last production process for RFID Tags, Favite offers RFID tag manufacturing service based on bielomatik converting equipment.  The final RFID tag products which we can offer are wet inlay (dry inlay + pressure sensitive additive + release linear), Labels, ISO card, airline baggage tag.

Inner diameter of reel: 76.2mm (3”)
Outer diameter of reel: Max 600mm
Reel weight: Max 85Kg per shaft
Web Width: Max 115mm
Converting Speed: 90M/Min, or 106,250 UPH (based on 4”x2” Antenna)
Products: Wet Inlay (various size), Labels (4"x2", 4"x4", 4"x6"), Event Ticket (various size), ISO Card, Airline baggage Tag